Grand Hotel Tremezzo (Lake Como)


For the first stop on our vacation CateyLou and I stayed at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como. We took a car directly from the Milan airport, but you can also reach the hotel by taking a train to Como (the town) and then taking a ferry to Tremezzo. The hotel is probably best known for its iconic floating pool and spectacular views of the lake.


View from lobby – the beach and the floating pool


Staying at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo was the perfect start to our trip. Unlike Florence or Rome, there aren’t many must-see tourist attractions around the lake. The real thing to do is to relax, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, and have a negroni (or two).


Panoramic view of the floating pool and the lake

For dining and drinking options, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo has two upscale restaurants (La Terraza and L’Escale), a casual pizza bar located behind the hotel, and a hotel bar that has a terrace overlooking the lake. On our first night we had dinner at L’Escale Fondue and Wine Bar. Although CateyLou and I aren’t big fondue people (I actually don’t think we’ve ever had it before), it was a fun experience. I wouldn’t be in a rush to go back – when at a restaurant, I’d prefer to let the experts prepare my food – but everything was fresh, the wine was delicious, and my cheese plate could feed a family of 8 (and I’m not complaining). We also loved the hotel’s bar, T-Bar. T-Bar serves a great mix of signature cocktails, local (and international wines), and even has a good beer selection (including beer from the recently launched Como microbrewery AquaDulza).


All breakfasts should come with this view.

PicMonkey Collage

Cocktails on the terrace!

Dinner at L'Escala

Dinner at L’Escale

The views from this hotel are simply spectacular.  When you walk down the stairs into the lobby, all you can see out the window is water.  This picture does not do the view justice, but it gives you an idea of how gorgeous it is.  The staff of the hotel couldn’t have been nicer or more accommodating.  The only complaint we had is on our first morning when we were awake at 5am due to jetlag, there was absolutely no chance of getting a cup of coffee anywhere!

Spectacular view of the lobby and the lake.... at 5:30am.

Spectacular view of the lobby and the lake…. at 5:30am


Later that day

CateyLou specifically requested that I include this picture of the candy jars in the lobby. And it really was a nice touch. I don’t think she was able to pass that table without helping herself to at least two gummy turtles.


Spread of gummy candies in the lobby.  Highlight of the hotel for CateyLou…


The garden area behind the hotel.

PicMonkey Collage1


The hotel’s “other” outside pool


One fun thing we did while at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is take a 90 minute boat excursion on the hotel’s skiff, Ruy. (A disclaimer: I don’t know the correct usage for any boating terms, they’re just fun to say.)  The skipper, Franco (I think that was his name), didn’t speak much English but was able to point out the famous sights (mostly celebrity houses) on our tour. Halfway through our trip, Franco stopped the boat and asked if we wanted to swim in the lake. CateyLou wasn’t interested but I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to swim in Lake Como. And what a rush – literally.  I think I momentarily blacked out after hitting the freezing cold water.  But it was an amazing experience and one I won’t soon forget (maybe because I’m still trying to get my core temperature back up).


About to go on our boat ride


The hotel’s boat “Ruy,” and its captain, Franco….or Giorgio, maybe Jacomo?


Looking for Clooney


The skipper said the water was 17° Celsius, but it may as well have been 17° Fahrenheit.


Villa del Balbianello – as seen in the Bond flick Casino Royale


View from the boat of one of the small towns along the lake.

Hotel: Grand Hotel Tremezzo
Via Provinciale Regina, 8 22019 Tremezzo Province of Como, Italy
+39 0344 42491

Milan Car Service: MJ Service

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