Lake Como (Tremezzo and Bellagio)


As hard as it was to leave our hotel (the Grand Hotel Tremezzo), we found some time to explore Tremezzo town and visit nearby Bellagio.  Sure, most of our sightseeing was done on our way to eat, but that still counts, right?  After the jump, our thoughts on some of the most well reviewed restaurants in the area, including Al Veluu, Pizzeria Balognett, and Alle Darsene di loppia.

view from tremezzo

Tremezzo in the morning

Lake Como is a Y-shaped lake located about 50 miles north of Milan and bordered by Switzerland on the West.  Tremezzo is situated at around the halfway point of the lake, and where the three branches of the lake intersect (Tremezzo literally means “halfway” – or “middle” – or something….it’s incredible CateyLou and I each took a full year of Italian in college..)

We need a photographer...

We need @LBarto2 to go on more trips with us so she can take pictures!


villa carlotta

Villa Carlotta


The legends of Italian bocce: TheBetterHalf and this statue

For lunch on Saturday we ate at Pizzeria Balognett. Pizzeria Balognett is located a few blocks away from the lake and is famous for having the best pizza in Lake Como.  Their pizza is cracker thin and has a distinctive garlicky flavor.  The toppings were all incredibly fresh – most seemed to come right from the restaurant’s garden area.  We even watched our waitress pick some fresh basil to put directly on our pizza.

PIzzeria Balognetti

Pizzeria Balognett

After our boat tour of the lake on Sunday morning, we spent a few hours in Bellagio.  Bellagio is one of the more well-known towns along Lake Como and is located directly across from Tremezzo.  Although the town itself is beautiful, most of the stores and restaurants that lined the cobblestone streets were too touristy (for us at least).



While in Bellagio we ate lunch at Alle Darsene di loppia.  Alle Darsene is definitely off the beaten path, a 15-20 minute walk from the town center.  However, the menu was more distinctive than many of the tourist-catering spots in town and we ended up being the only English speaking people in the restaurant.  Highlights were the zucchini flower stuffed with ricotta over sundried tomatoes and the truffle risotto.


This is truffle season…


The first of many gelato stops on our trip


The view from Al Veluu

Our last dinner in Lake Como was at Al Veluu in Tremezzo.  Located a good distance above sea-level (lake-level?) the views were truly spectacular.  Unfortunately, despite high TripAdvisor reviews the food was only so-so.  Our pastas lacked flavor and were a far cry from our favorite neighborhood Italian restaurants in New York.  Still, can’t beat that view.


Al Veluu

Dinner at Al Veluu

Pizzeria Balognett
Via delle Mele 5a | Frazzione Balogno di Tremezzo, 22019 Tremezzo, Italy

Al Veluu Ristorante & Suites
Via Rogaro 11, 22019 Tremezzo, Italy

Alle Darsene di loppia
Via Melzi d’Eril,1 | Frazione Loppia, 22021 Bellagio, Italy

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