About Me

CateyLou: Then and Now

CateyLou: Then and Now

Hi, I’m Cate (aka CateyLou).  I am a food and travel enthusiast living in New York City with my husband (aka TheBetterHalf).  Although I am probably the pickiest foodie you’ll ever meet, I love trying new restaurants.  I also love to bake and have never met a cookie that I didn’t like.

Contact me: chezcateylou@gmail.com


41 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Cateylou. Thanks for visiting my blog today and liking my post for Irish Brown Bread. It’s great to get support from readers like yourself. I hope you will visit again. You’ve made a good start with your blog. Keep it up and good luck.

  2. Cate Louise! I LOVE this blog. I am so impressed with your skills and excited to see all your baking in more detail beyond the cute picture texts of food you send. Rock on, baker-ita! Can’t wait for Catey Lou’s Bakery to open…

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog and my S’mores Banana Boats! I really appreciate your support and I hope you get a chance to recreate these for yourself as well. I would love if you stopped back again soon!


  4. No one will be surprised to learn that I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Award for bloggers. Thanks for increasing the yumminess of this world!


  5. Some of the recipes you’ve got here just look awesome! I will be for sure trying some of them this summer when I get time! Beautiful pics too 😉

  6. Thanks so much for liking my post on the apple cake! I really appreciate it. I’m new to blogging as well so I really appreciate it. Oh, and I too have never met a cookie I don’t like! 🙂

  7. i like how clean your blog is, and your food photos (particularly your baking photos) are crisp and a pleasure to look at. keep up the awesome work, and i’ll be sure to stop by now and again.

    thanks for stopping by the poor man’s kitchen!

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